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Document Witnessing and Applications

Our office will come to any location at the convenience of the customer to witness any document requiring notarization that is within the laws of the State of Virginia.  This includes Loan Modifications, Debt Consolidations, VHDA, HUD and lender forms that require a notary to be present.  

General Notary Needs

Our office is happy to assist with your general mobile notary needs.  Need a document notarized after hours or in a certain location?  We provide notaries to fulfill your notarization needs whenever and wherever.  The base fee is $25 within a 25 mile radius plus $5 per page needing to be notarized. Acceptable identification must be provided to the extent required by the notary.  

Deed Recordings

We offer the flexibility of "walk through" deed recordings.  We deliver the any fully executed deed (Deed of Trust, Warranty Deed, Deed of Gift, Quit Claim, etc.) to the courthouse and provide a receipt of the delivery.  These can be accommodated the day of closing when needed.  The fee varies based on the courthouse location and requirements, but typically ranges from $45 to $70. 

Courier Services and Document Collection

We provide courier services of any documents that require same day, prompt delivery such as deeds, seller documents, keys, etc. and assist in collecting any and all documents from borrowers including signed disclosures and required loan documents.  The fee is charged at a flat rate versus per mile.

Residential & Commercial Mortgage Closings

Our office administers the closing documents and performs E-Signs for borrowers and/or sellers who are purchasing, refinancing, selling, and/or obtaining a reverse mortgage or a line of credit on residential and commercial property. 

Services Offered

Thank you for choosing U&OB Notary Services and trusting our company with your signing needs.  It is our commitment and promise to remain professional, efficient and accurate in our representation of your company.  Punctuality, confidentiality and sensitivity are important to us and we complete all assignments with these principles in mind.